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Well, I'm alive. . .

Which is a good thing.  I suffered a massive GI bleed on Tuesday evening due to (they think) diverticulitis.  I lost, as one ICU nurse put it, "about a half a person's worth of blood."  Then spent the next 48 hours getting that blood put back in.  For a while it was a race between pumping blood in faster than it leaked out.  Then they were able to find the source of the leak and fuse the blood vessels.  Fun.  

Home now.  Have to go back on Tuesday for investigative colonoscopy to make sure I'm not still leaking somewhere.  Feel like an overfilled balloon - they pumped me so full of fluids that even though I was on no food, no liquids prep for colonoscopy, I gained 12 lbs overnight.  Now I'm just supposed to wait while the fluid and pressure levels equalize naturally.  Whee fun. 

Send happy thoughts!


Damn, 16 episodes in and Tom FINALLY got interesting.  That's an impressive display of restraint in writing and character development.  Guess I'm going to have to get some icons now. 
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Daniel take that

Went ammo shopping for my birthday. . .

as I seem to have developed a 200 round a week shooting habit.  I'm still reasonably certain that cocaine addiction would be both more destructive and self-destructive (and less fun!), but I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper.

Worked all three days of the holiday weekend (including my birthday) and still don't feel prepared for the hearings (plural) and trial (singular, thank God) I have this week.  Thankfully, once I get through these next two weeks, I have a week to prep for October, and then I get to go on vacation for a week.  Whee!


Huh - I've been an attorney for 8 years.

I realized the other day that I've been a licensed attorney for 8 years, which actually makes it the longest career I've had yet by a bit - seven years total in various retail jobs (yeah, that was dumb, what can I say) and 6 years in construction (which was actually fairly useful, at least).  

And today, after eight some years, I won my first jury trial in federal court.  Life isn't bad.  Time for a drink.
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13 months after purchasing my "new" car. . .

I finally have registration and a license plate!  \o/  A little bit over the 60 days the law allows, but hey.  *sigh*  For a licensed attorney who has worked for or directly against the Federal government my entire legal career, I'm sort of appallingly bad at dealing with bureaucracy.  Still, it's done.

And tomorrow I get to go out to the shooting range and compete with my little sister for bragging rights as best shot in the clan (although I suspect our dad could've waxed us both, back in the day).  Gonna be fun!
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Soon can get things that go bang-bang!

Passed the classroom portion of the NC Carry Concealed Handgun class today.  8 hours of instruction followed by 10 minutes of test - whee!

Which, since I already passed the range portion of the class, means that now I get to go hand in my application, get fingerprinted and background checked for something like the seventeenth time in the last 8 years, and hopefully then get issued my permit.  \o/

Pardon me while I squee about Evenescence a bit. . .

but DAMN, that girl can sing. 

SiriusXM radio had an hourlong interview/acoustic set with Evenescence while I was on the road for work (totally worth whatever I paid for Sirius this month).  They opened with Bring Me to Life, of course, and at first, the acoustic set (with piano and cello) sounds pretty much like the album version (which is kind of neat in itself).  Then it hits the point where normally the guitars come snarling in, and the difference hits you.  And then the non-difference hits you - Amy Lee's vocal track sounds exactly the same.  And you realize that amazing, pure, precise, freaking GORGEOUS  voice is all her - she can do this with nothing more than a microphone and an empty room.  

Damn, that girl can sing.  And apparently she plays harp, too, which has got to be amazing to see. 

I feel a playlist coming on. . .

Listening to Christina Perri's new single on the radio ("A Thousand Years," from those sparkly vampire movies, for those who haven't heard it yet), and I feel like a playlist of songs about immortality and reincarnation (and, yes, vampires).  So far -

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Saving Jane - Immortal (and possibly I'm in Love With a Vampire)
Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done
Indigo Girls - Galileo
Pretty much all of Queen's It's a Kind of Magic (but particularly Princes of the Universe and Who Wants to Live Forever)
Tempted by Muse's Supermassive Black Hole, but that may be cheating.
About every other Evanescence song (but particularly My Immortal and Bring Me to Life)
Cheryl Wheeler - Gandhi/Buddha

Any suggestions?  I know I'm forgetting about a thousand songs. . .