lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

There's good news, and bad news. . .

The GOOD news is that I've finally managed to talk with my moving company (more exactly, the moving company my new firm has inflicted on me) and finalized my move-out date. Managed (after some toing and froing) to get it set for the Monday after my last week of work here.

The BAD news is, for reasons that passeth all understanding, the moving company needs a week and a half to move my stuff from my old apartment to my new one in DC. Or up to a week and a half, anyway. So my stuff will leave New Bern on August 21, and arrive in DC sometime between Aug. 24 and Sep. 2. So I'm going to be camping out in an empty apartment for a while. *sigh* Worst case, means I'll be spending my birthday (and the weekend before I start work) unpacking. *double-sigh*

The in-between (and sorta funny) news is that for federal employment reasons I don't quite understand, I got a raise for my last month on the job. *grin* Bitty raise, but still, kinda fun.
Tags: moving

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