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Y'know, as good-bye parties go. . .

That one ROCKED! *grin* Thanks to recran, griffdog, and various and sundry of our non-LJ friends. Good food, drinking, desserts, and immensely silly fun at the arcade/go kart races.

I learned that (not really to my surprise) I pretty much suck at racing on slick surfaces, as spinning out of control not really one of my favorite skills (it's a Virgo thing). *grin* But it was fun, especially since we waited until almost closing time so it was only me, Recran and our friend Shiloh out on the track. Quinn, I'd've paid good money to see you racing out there, even though I'm sure you'd've rammed me and run me off the road! Think you'd have fun with it. I think you'd've also enjoyed the high school Dance Dance Rev gamers, and their assorted groupies. Very talented folk, and fun to watch, too!

Spent today having Krispy Kreme for breakfast (yes, I know that's particularly stupid for a diabetic, but it was still fun) and lunch with another old friend from law school, which was also great fun. Most of all, spent two whole days not stressing about either my job (which mildly sucks at the moment) or moving.
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