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Well, that bites

Just got off the phone with the Comcast folks (in an ironic twist that does not betoken good things about an ISP, their Web connection service is down). The earliest that they can hook me up is the end of August, which means I'm going to be without internet for a week. The week leading up to my new job, too, which means no contacting me by email. This truly sucketh. That, and took several attempts, using small words, to try and convince customer service that truly, I don't care if I get every movie channel known to man, I just want to be able to get a DVR. *sigh*

I think I did end up getting every movie channel known to man, but that wasn't the point.

May have to get a Treo or other phone web access just so I can check email. *grin* Ah, well.
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