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Just saw "Flyboys"

Not bad, actually. artaxastra, if you or penknife are interested in watching a fairly entertaining flick about WWI fighter pilots, I'll volunteer to sit the VSP some weekend! Reminded me of a couple of things:

(1) WWI really, truly, completely sucked. I mean, just by some sort of law of averages, you would think that someone had something other than a truly disastrous, miserably horrendous time of it, but no, as far as I can tell, pretty much sucked for everyone.

(2) Fighter pilots aren't actually the equal of the hussars for spiffy uniforms and picking up girls in the midst of battles (to be fair, neither is anyone else), but long leather trenchcoats and white silk scarfs is definitely a Look.

Also finally managed to pick up a DC library card, and find the Mongolian Barbecue. God, I missed Mongolian barbecue. I'm sure there is one somewhere in NC, but I never did manage to find one. Other than Wrigleyville and Lake Shore Drive, was the thing I missed most about Chicago. Now I've found it.

Went out to brunch yesterday, and ran into a guy walking his parrot. I love this town.