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No, wait, scratch that - there were some kitchen sinks, too. That's it - the show had everything!

Just got back from seeing Stomp downtown with accioayla. My first real indulgence in D.C. culture since moving, and a helluva fun first choice.

I'd seen bits and pieces of it before on television, of course. And unless you've been living under a rock, or are like tricksterquinn (whose sheer quirky awesomeness demands a few blank spots like this), you probably have too. But it's really, REALLY amazing live. For one thing, it's a whole lot funnier than I remember any of the tv excerpts being.

griffdog, I wish I had known it was going to be this good, I'd've dragged you and your wife up here to see it. If you ever get a chance, you both should go - I don't know if you'd like it more for the percussion or she would for the dance, but since the line between the two gets pretty blurry, it's probably a moot point.

Man, that was FUN!


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Jan. 10th, 2007 01:57 pm (UTC)
We have. We drove down to ATL when it was on tour a few(?) years ago. I TOTALLY loved it. Poor lady in the seat in front of me got mad cuz I was thumping along with them.

My favorite part...ah hell, I don't know. It was all awesome. And I agree, it was very funny.
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