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Vampiric Hotness. . . on Lifetime

*shakes head* Gotta admit, would have loved to have seen the pitch meeting for this series!

But Blood Ties (new series on Lifetime TV, based on books by Tanya Huff) actually works - this is what I was hoping the Dresden Files would be, and so far isn't - a series of books that I really enjoyed, translated well into TV. Christina Cox is like an insanely hot Dick Clark - still looks like her character from FX the Series, way back when. Never seen the guy playing Henry Fitzroy before, but there's a fair bit of chemistry there, too. Pretty impressed with the debut.

Had pretty much the worst week at work ever - bad enough that at some point I need to write about it just so I never let things get that bad again. But for now, awfulness reigned, I finally made it to a weekend, gonna sit, relax, and not think about it for a day.


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Mar. 19th, 2007 12:25 pm (UTC)
still waiting for update re bad week... i thought about watching an episode of blood ties but decided not to when i remembered we don't have that channel.
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