lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

Vacations. . . what an interesting concept

Well, finally broke down and made a decision on vacation plans. Not being terribly imaginative, decided to stick with what worked last time and run away to Vegas. Only this time, with money. Life is good.

Went to go see one of the Cirque de Soleil traveling shows, Delirium, the other day with accioayla. Had a GREAT time, although I would be forced to admit that sitting 10 feet from the stage, for a show that size? Perhaps not optimal. That close, you can't actually see the repeater screens on either side of the stage. On the other hand, the view of the stage itself really is pretty cool from up there.

So, decided to run to Vegas and see KA (which was opening the day AFTER I was there last time, so I got to see all of the ads and none of the show) and O, and Phantom and Blue Man Group. Figure I could take a lot of money and blow it all gambling in about an hour (no fun), or I could just spend it and watch shows (more fun). Whee! Plus it gets me out of the muggy heat of Washington DC in July, and drops me in the much greater dry heat of Vegas in July. Fair trade.

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