lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

Funny how the little things creep up on you. . .

Two little things struck me on my way from sleep to (ostensibly) work. First was actually waking up to a fragment of a dream. I've been pretty bad about keeping my diabetes in check for the past year or so (probably more on that later), and so (due to one of the less discussed side effects of the disease) have been sleeping for about an hour a shot through the night. Side effect of that is that I (who don't remember my dreams much anyway) haven't been dreaming at all for the past year.

Nothing dramatic this time - fragment of an old man, in a wheelchair, visiting the grave of his wife of 50 years - but what struck me was the feeling of "Oh, yeah, that's what it's like to sleep through the night." I had forgotten. Interesting.

Little fragment no. 2 - bought my first rolls of film in about 12 years. Even now strikes me as funny that it's been that long. Thanks again, Quinn - I blame/credit you with the whim that drove me to buy my new camera. Looking forward to trying it out!

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