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iTunes meme

Acquired with gratitude from yahtzee63.

Set your iTunes to Shuffle. Use each song that comes up, in order to answer the following questions. I also tossed in my Yahoo Launchcast radio station, for to compare/contrast. My conclusion? iTunes likes me better, and Launchcast is a bit meaner, overall.

(1) What do you think of me, iTunes?
iTunes - Mystery, Indigo Girls. Launchcast - (Gotta Be) Something More, Sugarland.

Yep, right out of the gate, iTunes is being mildly kind, and Launchcast is being mildly vicious.

(2) Will I have a happy life?
iTunes - Once in a Lifetime, Chicago. Launchcast - Good Day, the Click Five.

Huh - both appear to be saying "Happy, yes, for life, maybe no." C'est la vie.

(3) What do my friends really think of me?
iTunes - Love Left for Me, M2M. Launchcast - Sleep on It, Saving Jane.

Not at all certain what this means, unless it's something along the lines of "Don't ask us, ask THEM."

(4) Do people secretly lust after me?
iTunes - Dance Into the Light, Phil Collins. Launchcast - Bring Me to Life, Evanescence.

Other than being a fairly entertaining conjunction of songs, I think the message here may be "Keep dreamin', buddy."

(5) What should I do with my life?
iTunes - Don't Ask Me Why, Billy Joel. Launchcast - Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel.

"Run away and become a roadie for Billy Joel?"

(6) Why must life be so full of pain?
iTunes - I'm Not Sleeping, Counting Crows. Launchcast - Crawling in the Dark, Hoobastank.

I think yahtzee63 must have sucked all of the magic out of the system for this one, 'cause "Eve Stole the Apple" is the Best Answer Ever.

(7) How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
iTunes - We Got the Beat, Go-Gos. Launchcast - She's My Kinda Rain, Tim McGraw.

And iTunes pulls out ahead!

(8) Will I ever have children?
iTunes - World Falls, Indigo Girls. Launchcast - Secrets, Good Charlotte.

This would be iTunes saying "Stop asking questions you know the answers to," and Launchcast just being mean.

(9) Will I die happy?
iTunes - I Worship You, MercyMe. Launchcast - With You, Linkin Park.

There's a pairing you don't see everyday. Don't know what it means, but I'll take it.

(10) Can you give me some advice?
iTunes - Life is a Lemon, Meatloaf. Launchcast - Only the Lonely, the Motels.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wisdom and poetry of Meatloaf. Accept no substitutes.

(11) What do you think happiness is?
iTunes - Sanctuary, Jamie o'Neal. Launchcast - What a Fool Believes, the Doobie Brothers.

Ouch. OK, mean, but Launchcast wins that one on points.

(12) What's my favorite fetish?
iTunes - Dying, Five for Fighting. Launchcast - Have You Seen Me Lately, Counting Crows.

Well, you know, after you practice it a couple of times. . .

(13) Am I a complete freak?
iTunes - What Can I Do?, the Corrs. Launchcast - It's Over, Vertical Horizon.

And Launchcast goes for the last word.


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