lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

Things I have learned in Vegas, Part the second

I prefer Berettas to Glocks. Who knew? :-)

One of the attractions that I meant to try on my last trip to Vegas was the Las Vegas Gun Store, where they will let you rent guns and try them out on the range. Along with the more common handguns, they also let you rent submachineguns, assault rifles and even a couple of light machine guns. Of course, as the taxistand guy at the hotel warned me, they charge by the clip, so with a fully automatic weapon, it's BRRRRRPPPPP - and that's $50, thank you very much, have a nice day.

Tried out an MP5, a Beretta and a Glock. Turns out I'm not a great shot, but I get by. Like the Beretta a lot, actually - heavier than the Glock, bit smoother, easier to control. The MP5 was fun, but I never did figure out how to line up the rear sight, so I'm a little. . . erratic, Got one nice line of shots straight up the centerline of the target, though.

Much fun. Heartily recommend it for groups - solo, it's over pretty quickly. Must try to find a place that does firearm instruction back home.

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