January 21st, 2007


Forgot to give credit where credit is due. . .

And properly thank tricksterquinn for braving the untamed wilds of the north, striving through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, to bring back the spirit of Winter to her benighted kingdom. Before her trek up northaways last weekend, we had 70 degree temperatures and flowers (pretty confused flowers, at that) were blooming away. Now, we got snow. Yay!

Course, I've got basically half a day left to finish drafting a motion that I'm pretty sure doesn't stand one of those tiny snowflake's chance in hell of succeeding, so I can't go out and play. *pout* Still, nice to see some actual winter weather - I was beginning to wonder if I'd gotten my directions mixed up (not unlikely, after all) and moved south from New Bern, rather than north.
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    Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young, Streets of Fire