July 7th, 2007


God, I love my new hometown

For a couple of years now, been searching for a particular single malt Scotch - Glenmorangie 12-year old, Port finish. Granted, been searching in a fairly lackadaisical fashion, but still - couple of years in Chapel Hill, 8 months here, nothing (the two years in New Bern don't count - there are places in New Bern where it's hard to find Diet Coke, much less a particular single malt Scotch).

Coming home this afternoon from a lovely morning playing in the pool with artaxastra, penknife, and the VSP, I stopped off at the local deli/convenience store/beer-n-wine shop for some soda for home, to find that they sell liquor, too. Not only do they have a fairly respectable single malt selection (much better than anything I found in NC), but they have my Glenmorangie.

So now I sit, mildly scorched (been far too long since I went and played in a pool) and mildly Scotched. Life is good.
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