October 23rd, 2008


Microfine needles are a marvelous, marvelous thing

Well, I suppose it was pretty much inevitable.  Went to my doctor's appointment this morning, and he said "Here's your new insulin pen, have fun injecting 60 units of this every morning, call me in a week or so if you still don't see your blood sugar levels going down."  Well, darn.  I really was hoping to not have to go this route, and really had managed to avoid it for 10 years now as a type 2 diabetic.

So, the doc gives me the sample pen and the prescription for more pens and needles, and I wander off to the pharmacy.  Pick up the needles and have a bit of apprehension - these things look pretty long.  Considerably longer than the lancets I use to check my blood sugar in the mornings, and those can sting a bit from time to time.  But, set it up and stick it in, and whee!  You really don't feel a thing with these microfine needles.  Very nice!

Now, if only it, yanno, works.  Fingers crossed!
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