September 6th, 2009

Londo Drinking

Things that I had forgotten

(1)  Making coffee with a french press is a bit of a time-consuming pain in the ass, particularly when you've gotten spoiled by a Keurig one-cup.
(2)  It's worth the trouble.
(3)  It's especially worth the trouble with Cafe du Monde coffee and chicory. 

Damn, that's good coffee.
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I have a stash to be reckoned with!

And now I have the photos to prove it!  \o/

Man that's a pain.  I've been telling myself I would organize the stash and inventory it on Ravelry for a while now, and been putting it off.  Now I'm not putting it off - it's just gonna TAKE forever.  I'm about 2 bins in, out of 20 or so.  *sigh*  

Does look pretty, though!
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