July 10th, 2010


God is most definitely an iron...

I'm one of the handful of people in my neighborhood of DC that's lost power. Normally, this would not leave me with nothing to do - I have four spinning wheels, over 40 spindles, and as of this moment, three rigid heddle looms (one's a loaner). Not to mention all the freaking knitting needles and yarn.

The problem? Had to go make a run to Bed, Bath and Beyond, not because I had no candles, but even worse, I had no matches. (hangs head in shame).

Am now going to attempt weaving by clip-on, battery-powered LED lamp. My life is a little weird.

Note - yes, I know someone will point out that I should just be able to knit in the dark. I can, as it happens, knit stockinette with my eyes closed (on a good day). Sadly, my current knitting project involves cables.

Note the second - any of you out there who can knit cables with your eyes closed can just kiss my ass. I have weaving to do. :-)