December 28th, 2011


Pardon me while I squee about Evenescence a bit. . .

but DAMN, that girl can sing. 

SiriusXM radio had an hourlong interview/acoustic set with Evenescence while I was on the road for work (totally worth whatever I paid for Sirius this month).  They opened with Bring Me to Life, of course, and at first, the acoustic set (with piano and cello) sounds pretty much like the album version (which is kind of neat in itself).  Then it hits the point where normally the guitars come snarling in, and the difference hits you.  And then the non-difference hits you - Amy Lee's vocal track sounds exactly the same.  And you realize that amazing, pure, precise, freaking GORGEOUS  voice is all her - she can do this with nothing more than a microphone and an empty room.  

Damn, that girl can sing.  And apparently she plays harp, too, which has got to be amazing to see.