lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

OK, that's kinda funny

Or at least I think so - maybe just a lawyer thing. Mike Nifong, the ex-Durham District Attorney, was disbarred earlier in the year for his prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse case, where three students were falsely accused of rape (as determined by the Attorney General's investigation of the incident and prosecution).

Yesterday, Nifong was found guilty of contempt of court for lying to the court about DNA evidence, and sentenced to one day of jail time (pretty minimal, yes, until you take into consideration that DAs are NEVER sent to jail for things they did as DAs. At least not in North Carolina, and not anywhere I know of.).

The funny? Yesterday was apparently the Feast Day for St. Raymond Nonnatus, the patron saint of (wait for it) the falsely accused.

It's a funny, funny ol' world, sometimes.
Tags: duke, law
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