lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

Damn, that was fun!

Just got back from the Billy Joel/Elton John show.  Which almost turned into the Billy Joel show with ritual sacrifice of roadies when Elton John's piano malfunctioned (sustain pedal got stuck, causing a minor furor).  After a minor comedy routine in which Billy said "Well, at least you know it's not taped!", offered to trade pianos, and took off his jacket and laid down on stage to try and fix the piano himself, Elton exited stage right, Billy's band came on and a hellaciously fun set commenced.  It was awesome!  Many, many old favorites.

After an hour or so of that (and I suspect the ritual sacrifice of at least one of the road crew), Elton's piano was fixed and he also played a great set.  I'm not as big an Elton John fan, compounded slightly by the fact that Sir Elton likes concert sets of songs, with really, really long intros, instrumental interludes, and extended endings.  I think there was one song (and now I can't remember which one) that was damn near 15 minutes long.  On the other hand, Crocodile Rock was the insane amount of fun it always is. 

Show ended as it was supposed to begin, with both Elton and Billy playing duet versions of both men's songs.  The duet versions of My Life and It's Still Rock and Roll to Me got the place jumping, and the duet of Candle in the Wind was pretty, but the final song - Piano Man, fittingly enough - had the entire stadium singing along.  That's a lotta people all singing at the same time. 

Awfully glad I made it to this one - most fun I've had in a long, long time. 
Tags: concerts, i love this town

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