lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

Well, that was certainly. . . interesting.

On my cheerful morning commute on the Metro this morning, managed to sardine pack onto the Red Line for the end run from Gallery Place to Farragut North.  Bell chimes, door closes, train starts to pull out. . . THUNK. 

Huh. . . that didn't sound right? 

Train stops.  We sit.  Eventually, driver comes on the intercom, "Attention all customers - we will be stopped here momentarily while we check to see what that noise was.  We should be moving momentarily."  Sit. . . sit. . . . sit. . .  train starts moving.  Builds up to its cruising clip. . . BANG!  *flash*  BANG! *flash* *sparks*

What the hell was that?  Was that some sort of explosion?

"Smoke!  Smoke!  Where's the emergency stop button?"

Yup, that was apparently some sort of equipment explosion.  Well, this could be. . . interesting.  *smoke starts seeping into the car, people start scrambling towards the exits of a packed Metro car, people still yelling for the stop button*  Hmmm, no, this could be. . . bad.  Bad is the word.  "Attention all customers - we are trying to creep the train into Metro Center so I can offload all of you.  We cannot stop in the middle of the tunnel and offload."  Ooh, she's pretty smart - that's comforting. 

Train creeps into Metro Station with the driver announcing "Attention all customers on the platform - please back up.  This train is out of service."  No kidding. 

Well, that was fun.  Sort of.  Kind of.  In the "Boy, that could have been horrifically bad and it wasn't" sense.  Think I'll make a cup of coffee and not think about work for a little while. 

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