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So much for going home for Samhain

Apparently, there's a Southern Baptist church near Asheville, NC, that's planning a book-burning for Halloween (why Halloween, you ask?  No clue, I answer.  Not like All Hallow's Eve or All Saint's Day are in the Southern Baptist liturgical calendar, such as it is.  But I digress).  The books?  Damn near everything, including pretty much all versions of the Bible that aren't the King James.  (Even the New King James.  Everyone's a critic). 

*sigh*  I don't really know why I find this quite SO depressing.  Mostly, I guess, because I grew up in a Southern Baptist church in NC (although the other end of the state).  And no, I don't miss it - didn't fit in then, would fit in much less now.  But. . . burning the BIBLE?  Because you don't believe in the particular VERSION?  Seriously? 

*sigh*  There are days when I wonder if we ever make any progress at all. 
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