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I've got to stop reading the news. . .

Apparently a Louisiana justice of the peace refused to issue a marriage license for an interracial couple, because he doesn't believe interracial marriages are accepted by either black society or white society.  *headdesk* 

The ACLU is asking the Louisiana Judiciary committee to impose the "most severe sanctions available."  I, personally, suggest that those sanctions include tattooing the entire text of Loving v. Virginia*, in very large, bold type across the most painful portions of his anatomy possible.  With the citation across his forehead.  And if you could make it glow in the dark, that would be good too.  Or if the plaintiff's counsel for Loving is still around, perhaps just leaving the official with him would be fitting.  And a big stick. 

*sigh*  The stupid is just so depressing. 

*For the non-lawyers in my very small audience, Loving v. Virginia is the Supreme Court case in which the Court held (9-0 - go Supremes!!!) that states may not forbid interracial marriage.  In 1967. 
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