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I need a good headdesk icon. . .

Got an email late Friday night from my boss, in reply to a status report email I'd sent regarding a transfer of a case to another firm.  The reply, in its entirety - "Holy Sh_t!"  Which caused me to stress out all weekend that I'd done something wrong with the transfer.    And of course, he's not available all weekend to answer my email asking "What's wrong with the transfer?"

Get in this morning - nothing's wrong with the transfer - he was replying to the wrong email. 


Check my jury summons yesterday, which I'd thought was for April 19 - it's for May 19.

*little headdesk - I have to go into work, but at least I don't have to be at the court at 8 am*

Get an email this morning from Apple's Shipping Department - "Regarding your order of the magical and revolutionary iPad 3G (no lie, that's how they describe it) - we will be shipping that to you at the end of April, as we said at time of order."  And this email is just to rub it in, that you can't have your iPad until we decide we're good and ready to ship it to you. 

*headdesk headdesk headdesk* 

If someone has some good karma to loan me, could you please send it ASAP?  Alternatively, if I'm paying off someone else's BAD karma, could you let me know whose bitch I'm being?  I'd hate to think this is all just random, and I'm reasonably certain I haven't done anything of late to deserve all this bad karma on my own. 
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