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Adventure accomplished!

Yay!  Mini-vacation was a blast.  Watched "A Little Night Music" on Broadway, which was amazing.  Bernadette Peters was awesome, and the rest of the cast stepped right up and were awesome too!  Great fun.

Saturday saw us meandering to WEBS physical store and warehouse, where a great deal of yarn was bought.  I really need to sit down and add to my stash on Ravelry just so I can keep track of what I have.  Pleasant side trip to Smith College, where the Botanical Garden was lovely.  

Sunday brought totally random side trip to the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum, which was awesome!  Found an illustrator that I really like, most of whose work's are now out of print.  :-(  Still, picked up a lovely copy of Snow White, and remembered to pick up a copy of Ul de Rico's "Rainbow Goblins," which is wondrous and colorful beyond belief.  

Great time!  And the weather even cooperated, right up until time to come home (must've been trying to get us to stay).  [personal profile] synecdochic , [personal profile] sarah , and [personal profile] hilarytamar were great company, as ever, and a fun time was had by all. 

Now, I have to try and get work done from home, waiting for my new loom to be delivered.  Whee!

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