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Paranoia - it's not just for breakfast anymore

I've had an income since I was 17 or so (not counting mowing lawns), so I've also had income taxes for going on a quarter-century now. In that time, I don't think I've ever actually had to pay income tax. I mean, I think there were one or two years where I owed state taxes, but I always received a federal refund that more than compensated.

Despite that, every year I get paranoid, put off filing, and generally get the shakes while clicking through my income tax returns, even though every year it turns out that no, in fact, I won't have to send the government every cent I have and have to scrabble through loose change to buy food for my cat. Go figure.

This year is yet another triumph, and now I can scratch taxes off the list of things to stress about. Leaving moving, finding a job and buying a car, but I'll take the progress where I can get it.
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