lawrence520 (lawrence520) wrote,

I can has job, I can has car, I can has apartment. . .

now can I has sleep? *pitiful whine*

I got the job on Monday. I drove an hour north (to be fair, the inestimable [personal profile] tricksterquinn drove me out there) of Baltimore to buy the car on Tuesday. It had six miles on it when I drove off the lot.

I drove to North Carolina on Wednesday to apartment shop. Drove back today and got the news that the lease application was approved an hour ago (pending payment of deposits and proof of renter's insurance - yup, it's a NICE apartment). My beloved new Nissan Juke (needs a name - I'm leaning towards Luke at the moment) now has 724 miles on it, and I am SOOOOOO tired.

I have the moving truck scheduled for pickup and dropoff, and am waiting for the movers to call me back to schedule packing, loading and unloading. It's been an incredibly productive couple of days, but I feel like I've been beaten with a stick (yes, in fact, I do know what that feels like). I really need a nap, but I still need to schedule the movers and figure out where I can park the car legally and move it. *whine some more*
Tags: moving hell

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