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Book Challenge, Book 2

Well, better late than never, I suppose. Had I been slightly more in possession of a clue, I suspect I would have read Mary Renault's Fire From Heaven some, 10, 12 years ago? Back when artaxastra was running her role-playing campaign of the same name, and I was desperately trying to keep from being stabbed, drowned, poisoned, or simply thrown over a balcony with a 3 story drop to hard stone. In other friendships, I suppose it might be unusual that one of your best friends would be spending so much energy and creativity trying to kill you. With artaxastra as GM, more or less par for the course.

That said, better late than never, and I'm glad I finally got around to reading this one. As half-remembered and expected from that campaign, I'm much fonder of Haphaesteon than I am of Alexander himself. As was not expected, Renault's story made me a little, tiny bit more sympathetic towards Philip. A truly horrible father, I know. But face it - how easy would your life be if Alexander the Great was your teenage child? And Olympias? I confess a weakness for women with vengeful, dark and deadly streaks in them, but Olympias? Not a prize.

Anyhow, Book 2, accomplished. I see that I was right in holding myself down to only 52 books for this challenge - my copious free time yielding less reading time lately. *sad* But now, off to Book 3!


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Jan. 19th, 2006 01:40 pm (UTC)
You're such fun to try to kill! Besides are you the son in law of the Satrap of Sardis, sir?

You've always had a weak spot for Hephaestion, I know. Yep.

So you're starting the Funeral Games? *winces* Let me put it this way -- it makes the blood and mayhem I ended the campaign with look like a walk in the park.
Jan. 19th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's what I need right now - blood and mayhem!

Uh, no. Not right this second. So, Book 3 is actually Kushiel's Dart, right now. tricksterquinn's rec. Which, she tells me, you recced to her, so in a sense, as with all things, This Is All Your Fault. *grin*
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