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That was fun!

OK, now that was fun! A law school classmate of mine and my co-clerk Denise's is in the local theatre group's production of Grease, so Denise decided we should, as a group social life thing, all go to see a performance.

It was just hilariously gorgeous. Mix of townies and high school students, and overall, they were really good. Salan - our law school classmate - was playing Cha Cha, Kanicki's date to the dance contest. She was great, but playing such a ditzy character that we couldn't stop laughing. She's an Assistant DA down here - I don't think I'll ever be able to set foot in traffic court the same way again.

Truly, the most silly fun I've had in this town since I got here. The 7 foot black gospel singer playing the Teen Angel character just about brought the house down.

*happy sigh* Whee!

Denise keeps telling me I should volunteer as tech crew - costumes, set or props, technically I've got experience in each - for the next show. I think she's right.
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