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Book Challenge #9 - Moon Called

OK, it isn't really that I've only read 9 new books since New Year's. It's that I haven't bothered posting about it in a couple of weeks. And, since two of the books that I've read are also on accioayla's reading list, and are gonna be recced for tricksterquinn, I'm holding off on posting on those two. *grin* But it's Sunday, I'm at work, no one's on email and I'm bored. So here's a rambly post.

This one is also going on the recommended list for Quinn and accioayla, but I figured I could ramble about it a bit without giving the whole bag away. Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs. About, for anyone who just has no clue about my reading tastes, werewolves.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of women authors, more or less of late, writing about werewolves? Is this a post Laurell K. Hamilton/Anita Blake thing, or has it been going on for a while and I just haven't been paying attention? The latter is quite possible - I can't remember picking up any new authors during law school, and not a lot since then until this book challenge started. The fact that Patricia Briggs has a number of books to her credit seems to suggest that I've just been clueless about her writing - a lack I intend to rectify.

Moon Called reminds me, without trying to accuse Ms. Briggs of being derivative, of the Anita Blake books at the very beginning. Strong heroine, in a non-traditional career (in this case, a VW mechanic named Mercedes. Yup, good for a chuckle from the very beginning), with a family she isn't quite sure how to handle, and a strong desire and complete inability to avoid the supernatural politics of the were, the witches, and the vampires around her. Yup, in some ways, very familiar.

On the other hand, that's not completely a bad thing. There's a reason why many, if not most, of my fantasy reading friends are rather fond of the early Anita Blake books - they're good. Plot-wise, I'm not certain Moon Called is as strong as the early Blake stuff. On the other hand, it's not bad. And character-wise (and I confess, I will forgive a great many plot failings if the characters are interesting), it's very promising. A vampire with a sense of humor, werewolves without a sense of humor, Alpha werewolf's human teenage daughter, elves, and Native American skinwalkers - it's an interesting bunch o' folk.

Entertaining. I like it.
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