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Score one for network technology!

Or, really, one half, I guess, since I still haven't gotten this to work quite right. *grin* Decided to indulge myself in a minor luxury today - was feeling sort of bummed since none of the other minor indulgences I've ordered in a while have shown up. So, I thought I would get a set of wireless headphones for my computer at work, since my new desk setup has got me running all over the cord to my wired headphones.

So, that didn't work out quite right - the new setup for my office at work is not particularly efficient, but since my boss decided on the new furniture and layout, I can't say too much about it. So, returning the headphones to Radio Shack, I decided to get a wireless router to try and set up a network for my apartment and my trusty law school laptop and my spiffy new desktop.

It. . . sorta works. I'm logged onto the net from my living room, which is fun. Now I can watch TV and IM at the same time - watch out, world, I'm gonna be seriously disassociative now! Still can't get it to share files, somehow. Which is a mild annoyance, because that seems to be the only way I'm going to be able to transfer my iTunes library from my laptop over to the desktop, without a great deal of file burning and moving. But, I'm halfway there, after only two IT service calls, both of which resulted in the sage advice "Turn it off and try to restart it." High technology - a terribly capricious god, by any standard. But hey - halfway working is better than where I was! Hence the jubilant mood. Also, I just like the word. Yay-yay!
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