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God, that was fun. . .

Wandered down to the town of my youth, Jacksonville, for the free Saving Jane concert. For those of you who haven't heard (or heard of) the band, check it out. http://www.savingjaneonline.com/

So, some wandering around at first - I may have grown up in Jacksonville, but I haven't been around this section of town since I was in junior high, a. . . well, let's just say a while ago now. And the directions on the website for the concert suck, since it's for the downtown Jacksonvile beautification project, and so they assume that anyone who cares, knows where it is. Not a great marketing ploy, but there you go.

Finally find the place, and spend about an hour with the opening act, a group called Starting Tuesday, from Chapel Hill. Given that I just came from 7 years in Chapel Hill, I'm a little surprised I've never heard of these guys, but they're pretty good. This is also the point where I relearn all the fun of being at a concert with a not really big crowd between you and the speaker towers. *grin* It's actually a lot of fun being near sound so loud you can feel it vibrating the bones in your chest. Sort of . . . soothing. Of course, that may just be me.

And what in the world is it with people and cell phones? I'm ten feet from the speakers, couldn't hear anything but the music if you dropped a grenade at my feet, and there's constantly 3-4 people wandering around in front of me screaming into their cell phones. WTF?

And then Saving Jane comes on. I really should've posted this last night, when I was still bouncing arund with glee, but it was a very subdued bouncing, as I was also very, very sleepy. In sum? They were great. Lead singer, Marti Dodson, is gorgeous, but more importantly has an amazing voice. Sang "Happy Birthday" to the drummer, Dak ("Not Dork, not Dirk, Dak") and it was lovely. If you can be impressive on that song, you have a good voice. They did mostly stuff off of the "Girl Next Door" album, but also did a couple off of their forthcoming album which Marti said would be out next month (YAY!), and a cover of "With or Without You" that was AWESOME! Also did my favorite, "Come Down to Me," with just Marti and the keyboardist, Joe Cochran, who she just called "Handsome Joe." He had his own fan club in the audience, judging from the screams.

A great evening. Gotta do that more often.



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Mar. 31st, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
:) Wish you were in town here. :( There's a cool thing on Saturday night I wanted to do but we can't get a group together. (Maxwell/Mosher, former Squirrel Nut Zippers, are playing at The Cave in Chapel Hill. Need to go see them sometime.) *sigh*
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