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Interesting day

Spent my day getting into a fight with a co-worker about the proper interpretation of an appellate decision concerning federal sentencing guidelines. Spent the evening at tae kwon do, and then reading West Wing fanfic. Then spent a couple of hours practicing my knitting while watching the Keira Knightley "Pride and Prejudice."

There are times when the sheer variety of my life does delight me. Of course, I'm easily amused. *grin*

And Pride and Prejudice? Not as good as the A&E miniseries, which as far as I'm concerned is still the gold standard of Jane Austen productions. *grin* (I realize this isn't doing my macho quotient any good, but what the hell? I went to tae kwon do this evening - I gotta couple free macho points to burn.) Very different from the A&E version, not least because it's only about a third as long. *shrug* It's also much more visual. The A&E one was much more vibrant in dialogue. This one has a number of points where it's just "Look - isn't Keira Knightley gorgeous? Let's just film her doing nothing whatsoever, just so we can point out how pretty she is." Fair enough, I suppose. More problematic is the fact that they have Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bentley, and Judi Dench as Lady Catherine, and they get shamefully underused. Sad. Even though Judi Dench is marvelous in the few scenes we get with her. And even though the underutilization is, to an extent, built into the story. Still sad.

Not an awful day. A bad day in spots, a good day in spots. Some days, that's just gotta do.

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